Exhibition Resources


Use the following sites to find pictures for your project.  Do not use Google Image!

Pics 4 Learning: Free Photos for Education


Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Photos


Threats to African Elephants – WWF

War on African Elephants – USA Today

The Price of Ivory – Time For Kids

World Elephant Day

Elephants and Ivory – The Nature Conservancy

Elephants – Earth’s Kids

Great Elephant Census Results

African Elephant – WWF

Anti-poaching – Save the Elephants

Africa’s Poaching Crisis – African Wildlife Foundation

Environmental Organizations – Children For Africa

Kids Help Elephants – National Geographic

New Hope for Elephants – Time For Kids

Rhinos Being Poached For Horns

Rhino Horn Trade – Humane Society International

I’m a Little Rhino Video – Humane Society International

African Rhinos – World Wildlife Federation

Poaching Facts – Truths From the Front Line

Illegal Ivory Trade – New York Times

Africa’s Elephants in Danger – Scholastic

Animal Poaching Crisis – BBC

Illegal Wildlife Tracking – Invisible Children

Tiger Poaching Statistics – Poaching Facts

Tiger – World Wildlife Federation

Tigers in Crisis

Roaring Return – Time For Kids

Wild Tigers on the Rise – Time For Kids

Threats to Gorillas – World Wildlife Federation

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

Mountain Gorilla Facts – African Wildlife Foundation

Basic Facts About Gorillas – Defenders of Wildlife

About the Seal Hunt

Harp Seal – Seal Conservation Society

Saving Seals – IFAW

What is shark finning? – Stop Shark Finning

Senate Committee Advances Bill to Ban Shark Fins Nationwide

Shark Finning: Sharks Turned Prey – Ocean Portal

Kids Making a Difference – The Shark Research Institute


2016 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics

15 World Hunger Statistics

Katie’s Krops – Time For Kids

Kids Can Make A Difference

11 Facts About World Hunger

Hunger Fact Sheet – eSchool Today

Hunger and Homelessness

Zero Hunger – World Food Programme

World Hunger – UNICEF (YouTube)


Facing Famine – World Food Program USA

No Kid Hungry

Child Hunger Facts – Feeding America



Homelessness Facts

The State of Homelessness in America 2015 – National Alliance to End Homelessness

U. S. Homelessness Facts – Front Steps

A Kid at the Capitol – Time For Kids

Why are people homeless? – National Coalition for the Homeless


One Million Students Homeless – Scholastic

Hunger in America – Feeding America

What is the official definition of homelessness?

Ten Causes of Homelessness – Thrive DC

Solutions – USICH

National Alliance to End Homelessness: Ten Essentials

Volunteer – So Other May Eat (SOME)



Promoting Tolerance – UNESCO

Looking to teach kids about tolerance?  There’s a book for that.

7 Ways to Raise A Global Kid

Tolerance Day

Peace Clubs – United States Institute of Peace

Facts About Bullying – Stopbullying.gov

Are you being bullied? – Scholastic

New Steps To Prevent Bullying – Scholastic



Explaining the Immigration Ban – Time For Kids

Ten Myths About Immigration – Teaching Tolerance

Immigration – Brain Pop video

Interactive Timeline of Immigration to the U.S. – Scholastic

Supporting Students From Immigrant Families – Teaching Tolerance

U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Meet Young Immigrants – Scholastic

15 Books For Kids Explaining the Immigrant Experience in America


Equitable Access Education – UNICEF

Right to Education: Situation of Children’s Right to Education Worldwide – Humanium

10 Barriers to Education Around the World – Global Citizen

Education – UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency

Promoting Gender Equality and Access to Education – USAID

Improving Education for All Students – U. S. Department of Education