Exhibition Resources


Use the following sites to find pictures for your project.  Do not use Google Image!

Pics 4 Learning: Free Photos for Education

Photos For Class


Public Domain Pictures


No Kid Hungry

The State of Homelessness in America 2015 – National Alliance to End Homelessness

U. S. Homelessness Facts – Front Steps

Why are people homeless? – National Coalition for the Homeless


One Million Students Homeless – Scholastic

Hunger in America – Feeding America

What is the official definition of homelessness?

Ten Causes of Homelessness – Thrive DC

Solutions – USICH

National Alliance to End Homelessness: Ten Essentials

Volunteer – So Other May Eat (SOME)

The Facts About Family Homelessness – Doorways for Women and Children


Pollution Threats – WWF

Ocean Pollution – NOAA

Ocean Pollution – The Dirty Facts

Trash Pollution – Ocean Health Index

Marine Pollution – National Geographic

Great Pacific Garbage Patch – National Geographic

Garbage Patches

The Trash Vortex – Greenpeace Philippines

A Running List of Action on Plastic Pollution – National Geographic

No Plastic in Nature – WWF



Cancer-causing Substances in the Environment

Cancer and Diet 101

Diet and Physical Activity

What are environmental risk factors and how can I avoid them? – CTCA

Cancer Faqs – St. Judes Research Hospital

Cancer – Britannica School

Cancer – World Book Kids



Depression – KidsHealth

Anxiety and Depression in Children

6 Things to Know About Childhood Depression 

Depression in Children – Cleveland Clinic


Deforestation – World Wildlife Fund

Deforestation Facts, Information and Facts – National Geographic


Global Warming 101 – National Resources Defense Council

Climate Kids: NASA’s Eyes on the Earth

EPA Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change

Natural Resources Defense Council: Global Warming

Global Warming Update – CO2.earth

Climate Change – How do we know? – NASA

Effects of Global Warming – National Geographic

9 things you absolutely have to know about global warming – World Economic Forum

Climate Basics for Kids – Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

What is Global Warming? – Time for Kids

Climate Change for Kids: Ology – American Museum of Natural History


11 Facts About Animal Homelessness

Homeless Animals – What Can You Do?

Animal Welfare League of Arlington

12 Alarming Facts About Pet Homelessness

Animal Companion Overpopulation – PETA

About Homeless Animals in America


Animal Welfare League of Arlington

11 Facts About Animal Homelessness

Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics – The Humane Society of the United States

Pet Statistics – ASPCA

Animal Neglect Facts – Animal Legal Defense Fund

Animal Cruelty Facts – The Humane Society of the United States

Animal Cruelty – PAWS

11 Facts About Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty – ASPCA

Animal Abuse Statistics – Fabiosa


Ten myths about immigration – Teaching Tolerance

Myths and Facts About Immigrants and Immigration

Fact-Checking the Common Immigration Myths – Center for Global Development

The Great Immigration Debate – Junior Scholastic

Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States – MPI