Survey Directions:

Students will select a piece of artwork and complete the google form survey using the link below “HABITS OF MIND ART SURVEY”. Students MUST include their student ID number. The purpose of this survey is to capture the critical thinking skills and decisions that a student faces and solves when creating art .

The second link “Glossary and Terms” is a glossary of terms to help enhance your descriptions and writing.


Glossary and Terms



Ms. Laine Bowen


Laine Bowen is an Art teacher at Randolph.



Ms. Rachel StaleyStaley


Rachel Staley is an Art teacher at Randolph.  This is her 10th year working at Randolph!  She moved here from NY when she was hired at Randolph.   In her free time she likes to practice yoga, go for walks and add to her Art-room giraffe collection!




Art at Randolph is a historical and scientific adventure explored in a sensory and emotional context.  Students are challenged to develop their expressive abilities alongside our extensive IB Curriculum.  Virginia SOLs paired with vocabulary pertaining to the Fine Arts are embedded in grade level lessons Pre K-5. Exposure to a wide range of two dimensional, 3 dimensional, and recycled materials help to shape our creative abilities.  At Randolph, we believe that Art is both an enriching practice as well as a language capable of communicating on global scale.