Fifth Grade



Andrew McDaniel

Andrew McDaniel is a 5th grade teacher at Randolph. Before Randolph he was a 3rd grade teacher at a public school in Nashville, TN. He attended the University of Virginia where he studied Urban and Environmental Planning. He also attended Vanderbilt University where he studied Elementary Education. In his free time he likes to read, listen to music and watch movies. When he is not doing that he is spending time with friends or traveling.


Renee Ott




Omar Darea standing by the IB wallOmar Darea






Fifth grade marks a significant transition as students complete their last year of elementary school and prepare for the next phase of their education in middle school. We continue to strive to develop our students into balanced learners and to understand their roles and responsibilities as global citizens. In order to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills for their continuing education, we not only focus on teaching important content, but important habits for students to succeed.

As readers, we will provide support to students to analyze, infer, predict, draw conclusions, interpret, and identify the main idea of more increasingly complex texts. Students will expand their repertoire of writing by producing new and various forms of writing.

Math content will build on previously introduced concepts and expose students to new ideas, skills, and strategies. As young scientists, students will explore energy and develop an understanding of how it changes and takes on multiple forms, including light, sound, motion, and electricity. Students will revisit ancient civilizations from around the world and reflect on their contributions in social studies.

Through our trans-disciplinary IB PYP units we will build connections across and between all of the content areas through our approaches to learning while also developing our learner profile attributes, including being caring, open-minded risk takers. Finally, as the culminating year of the IB PYP at Randolph, fifth graders maintain the opportunity to reflect on their learning through Exhibition. A largely student-directed process, Exhibition allows students to explore a topic of their interest and demonstrate its importance within the global community. We look forward to a wonderful year of learning!