IB Learner Profile – May

May: Inquirer The May Learner Profile characteristic is “inquirer.” To be an inquirer is to nurture our curiosity and develop skills for inquiry and research. We want to learn with enthusiasm and sustain our love of learning throughout life. Ways that we promote this attribute is to encourage questioning, provide opportunities for research, and to get […]

April IB Learner Profile : Knowledgeable

To be knowledgeable is to develop big ideas, explore knowledge across a variety of subjects, and engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance. We promote being knowledgeable at school by having students explore a variety of topics in each of the subject areas and apply the knowledge they learn to new situations.

STEM NIGHT at Randolph

Students and families will be able to participate in science, technology, engineering, and math activities with Randolph staff.

March is Arts in the Schools Month

March is Arts in the Schools Month and Arlington Public Schools invites the community to join in the celebration. Created in 1961, this is an annual observance to emphasize the value of arts education and to encourage support for quality school arts programs.

IB Learner Profile of February

The February Learner Profile characteristic is “Thinker”.
To be a thinker is to use creative and critical thinking skills to take responsible action on complex issues

2019 PTA Online Auction

The Randolph PTA online auction will run January 30 – February 13th. The online auction link is available NOW!!!. There are more than 200 items ready to be bid on!