Advanced Academic Services


The Advanced Academic Services Program fully supports Randolph’s instructional plan, helping to emphasize the focus on personalizing instruction for the individual student. Students are encouraged to use their creativity and expand their body of knowledge using many different styles of learning. The goals of Advanced Academics Services include the following:

  • Identify students in grades K-12 in Specific Academic Aptitude(s) and Visual/Performing Arts Aptitude
  • Provide appropriate differentiated services based on information provided in the identification process to meet the identified student’s unique learning needs
  • Train teachers and other professional educators who instruct advanced students in learning characteristics and behaviors of advanced learners and differentiation of content, skills, activities, and product development
  • Encourage involvement of parents and the community-at-large in the educational program of advanced learners

The Office of Advanced Academics complies with Virginia Regulations Governing Educational Services for Advanced Students based on the following concepts:

  • Giftedness is developmental; it is potential which must be nourished
  • Giftedness is a collection of behaviors which are interactive and dynamic
  • Advanced students share some characteristics with all other children
  • There is variability among the advanced learners

The Advanced Academic program provide support for classroom teachers in differentiating the curriculum. Sometimes lessons are planned so that they are able to work with the whole group by co-teaching in the classroom or by modeling strategies for differentiated instruction, and sometimes they work with small groups of advanced learners and highly able students. The Young Scholars Model of Talent Development is supported at Randolph. Young Scholars is designed to find and nurture advanced academic potential in students from historically underrepresented populations. Curricular interventions and support are provided through the collaboration of the classroom teacher and the advanced academic resource teacher. As students progress through elementary and secondary school, continuing support and opportunities for accessing rigorous coursework are provided by school staff.

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