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Randolph Policies

Randolph Assessment Policy

Assessment  is central to the PYP goal of thoughtful and effectively guiding students through the five essential elements of learning: acquisition of knowledge, understanding concepts, mastering skills, development of attitudes and the decision to take action.  Assessment takes place in many forms throughout the school day to assess student progress and inform instruction. All PYP schools are expected to develop an assessment policy to ensure continuing improvement of the overall programme and student growth.

Randolph Language Policy

Language is the major connecting element across the curriculum.  It is the belief of the PYP that all teachers are responsible for language development across disciplines.  Our language policy is represented in three strands: oral language, visual language and written language.

Randolph Inclusion Policy

IB is not a program but a framework infused throughout the school day across disciplines.  All students at Randolph are a part of the IB-PYP and are exposed to the Learner Profile and the essential elements both in and out of the classroom.