Reading Events

BOSS Soldiers Read with 1st Graders

We are pleased to partner with the Joint Base Ft. Myer/Henderson Hall, Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers (BOSS) organization. Twice each month, soldiers from BOSS visit Randolph to read with 1st graders. They spend time getting to know the individual children they are paired with- talking with them, encouraging them, and answering their questions, but mostly, listening to them read. After 15 minutes, another group of 1st grader gets its chance; we sometimes reach over 20 children during one visit. The kids LOVE the soldiers’ visits! They help the students to overcome shyness, build confidence, practice reading out loud, and, best of all, develop happy and positive associations with reading.

Randolph Reading Buddy

On Friday, January 19th, all Randolph students in grade K – 5 participated in Buddy Reading as a reward for ALL the books read during the months of November and December.  Older students selected a picture book to read aloud to a younger student.  Books were checked out of the Randolph library and taken from classroom libraries. Students practiced their book before meeting their new buddy and reading it to them.  Younger students selected 1 or 2 books that they have already read from their reading group book bags.  The younger students read to the older students too.  Students enjoyed meeting their new buddies and reading to one another. Many buddies showed engagement by asking each other questions and making predictions of what they thought would happen next.