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English Language Arts

The main goal of the English Language Arts program in Arlington and at Randolph is to teach students English language literacy skills. These skills are primarily expressed in the ability to effectively read, write, listen and speak. Specifically, the program seeks to develop students who are strategic readers, effective writers, engaging speakers, and critical thinkers. This work begins early in kindergarten classrooms and continues through 5th grade.  Randolph ELA staff members, therefore, work together with teachers, students, parents, other educators, and community members to help students develop proficient literacy skills.  Standards and objectives that describe grade-level expectations for teaching and learning these skills are found within the state of Virginia’s English Standards of Learning.

Randolph ELA team members work with students in small groups to provide literacy interventions, plan, develop and deliver lessons with classroom teachers, analyze student data, monitor student growth, lead and participate in grade level ELA Collaborative Learning Teams, and provide professional development to staff.  Randolph ELA Team members plan literacy related events both during and after school to foster a love of reading and writing.  In addition, team members work to provide resources and materials for parents and families to support literacy engagement at home.

Major components of the ELA curriculum include Guided Reading, Word Study, and Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop.  The components are supplemented through interventions including Language Literacy Intervention (LLI), Orton-Gillingham, and Book Buddies.  More information on these components are available on the curriculum and intervention tabs.