Third Grade



Ms.  Andrea De Leon






Ms. Kathy Hall






Mr. Ward Merritt




Third grade students learn about Ecosystems and Simple Machines in science. The students will visit the outdoor lab for the first time, to enhance their learning about simple machines.  In social studies, they learn about 5 important Ancient Civilizations: Egypt, China, Rome, Greece, and Mali. It is a big year for mathematical learning! Students learn everything from place value for numbers up to 6 digits, to multiplication, to geometry. In Reading, students make a shift from learning to read, to reading to learn- with a big focus on comprehension skills in both fiction and non-fiction. Near the end of the year, students take SOL’s for the first time in reading and math. The third grade team works collaboratively with the math coaches and reading team to ensure student growth and learning. Students in third grade also learn a variety of new concepts in the arts and physical education including playing the recorder and taking swimming lessons.